Executive Coaching

Providing meaningful development at the senior levels in an organisation are often very challenging. Executive coaching provides the perfect way to address the development needs of specific individuals on a one-to-one basis. Senior executives are able to work with business or life coaches, who utilise a range of approaches to ensure that integral development takes place. Great care is taken to ensure compatibility between Coach and Candidate.

Customised Learning & Development Solutions

We would be happy to discuss how Neucleus can work with you to achieve your business objectives. Most of our courses and programmes are customised learning processes.This allows us to provide a course designed specifically to satisfy the needs of your people and organisation.

In order to provide you quality services, our approach consists of:

Initial meeting

Draft proposal

On site research,and proposal finalization

Delivery, measurement & evaluation

Our Training Programmes

Team leaders and supervisory skills

Leadership Essentials for managers

Motivating self & others

Teams & team working

Performance management

Making meetings work

The manager as a coach

Managing change

Strategy & business planning

Conflict management

Train the trainer

Assessment & development centres

Developing a Lean manufacturing culture

In addition to these courses we would be happy to provide you with further information as per your need

HR Consultancy

Our HR and Business consultancy co-creates processes aligned with organisation’s vision mission and values.So any HR solution provided by us is based on the client’s needs and a detailed study of it’s current values, culture & vision. Expert Neucleus consultants are selected based on their experience of the client environment and the key issues at hand. Once engaged, Neucleus quickly formulates a project plan that defines the consultancy process and the probable outcomes.

HR Consultancy Areas

Evolving business and human resources strategy

Creating human resources policies

Planning manpower & effective structuring

Evolving job descriptions,deployment & productivity

Deploying effective performance management process

Introducing appropriate reward & recognition forum

Focusing career development and succession planning

Increasing employee retention

Developing an effective HRIS (Human resources Information system)